About Us

About Us

In many Latin American countries youth delinquency has become a major challenge. The Dominican Republic faces crime-related challenges including gang activity, robbery, high murder rates and drug trafficking.

I started the nonprofit “Rising To The Top” to help out young athletes get scholarships.  I produced and directed a few Reality TV Shows telling my story, running baseball tryouts and touring US college coaches in the Dominican Republic with the purpose of getting scholarships.

Our Mission:
Rising to The Top’s mission is to help every child build a better future. In the U.S. and around the world, we support students in the Dominican Republic and other areas of high-poverty in gaining the education they deserve. Helping these young athletes educate themselves and get off the streets, permanently, is our number one mission.



We are committed to pursuing honorable initiatives through honest, transparent, and fully ethical methods. Our work as a nonprofit is driven by this pursuit and to use these methods to strengthen the students we serve.


Adaptability and growth are critical in order to grow and achieve our ultimate mission of helping young athletes. We’re committed to embodying the agility required to achieve our mission.


We fully believe in and adhere to the belief in the positive impact of life-long learning and mentorship. Through our mentor-ship programs, we support student-athletes to excel in all areas of their lives.

Our Story

The journey to where we are today began long ago, on the streets of the Dominican Republic. Our founder was himself at one time a boy with a dream. That dream of becoming a baseball player quickly turned dark when he became a victim of human trafficking. Years later after surviving what could have been his undoing, he decided to give back.

Rising To The Top is a story of courage, determination, and generosity. It is the story of how one person can transform the lives of thousands. As a nonprofit organization, we pride ourselves on providing young athletes in the Dominican Republic an opportunity for a better life. With the help of dedicated donors and volunteers, we’re able to provide those opportunities to more young athletes through sports scholarships and donation programs.

About Our Founder


“Anytime you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, you are wasting your
time on this earth.” — Roberto Clemente

Ramon Geronimo

Founder & CEO

Ramon grew up in the Dominican Republic where he followed his dream of becoming a professional baseball player until sports human trafficking stopped him. But he survived and went from begging on the streets to earning a double major in Business and Computer Science, playing professional baseball, and directing and producing two reality TV shows about his story. He is also a songwriter, scriptwriter, and author. Today, he uses the skills he learned throughout his journey to help others do the same.

Ramon started Rising To The Top to support young athletes get scholarships. The Dominican Republic faces a variety of crime-related challenges such as gang activity, high murder rates, drug trafficking, and robbery. By supporting these scholarships, running baseball tryouts, and touring US college coaches in the Dominican Republic he hopes to offer viable opportunities to at-risk youths.


“Be The Change You Want To See” – Mahatma Gandhi

Join us in transforming the lives of countless talented athletes throughout the world, and together we might just change it.